Infinium Pharmachem Limited is keen to partner with suppliers/vendors of high-quality raw materials for supply to Infinium manufacturing unit.

Infinium concentrates in all sectors on only the best suppliers. In selecting our suppliers we emphasize factors like Total Cost, quality, environmental awareness and compliance with our standards in the supply chain.

The company is proactive in its endeavor to nurturing long-term and mutually satisfying relationships with customers and suppliers. In the long term, we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on Sustainability as we do.

To partner with Infinium, please fill this form or you may submit company information to Include your line of business in the subject line.

Infinum suppliers are required to read and agree to our supplier guidelines, which describe expectations for the following:

Suppliery Policy:

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Business integrity and fair competition
  • Privacy
  • Labor rights and worker protection
  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Health and safety practices

Basic Information for suppliers:

Each supplier is interested in a long-term strategic partnership with Infinium Pharmachem Limited

Basic Quality Requirements:

The Basic Quality Requirements include your consent to the following:

  • Quality Capability
    The willingness for joint development and continuous improvement of products and processes, especially by using a preventive quality method.
  • Quality Management System
    To allow Infinium to monitor and verify the Quality Management System and to continuously improve quality capability proactively
  • Quality Improvement
    To permanently improve the level of quality through benchmarking.
  • Quality Information
    The Obligation to inform and take immediate corrective actions in case of quality relevant incidents and to report the effectiveness of such actions.
  • Quality Assurance Agreement
    The willingness to conclude Quality Assurance Agreements with Infinium Pharmachem Limited

Basic Principles of the Code of Conduct:

We have our Business Conduct Guidelines, which establishes fundamental principles of sustainability and it applies to the entire company.

Topics of code of conduct:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery
  • Fair competition, anti-trust laws and intellectual property rights
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Respect for the basic human rights of employees
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Health and Safety of Employees
  • Environmental Protection
  • Supply Chain
  • Conflict Minerals

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