Labeling & SDS

GHS creates common classification standards and communication protocols for chemical product labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). It standardizes these important hazard communications so customers – regardless of their locations – can easily identify hazard information related to chemical products.

Acute toxicity, Very toxic (fatal), Toxic etc
Gasses under pressure
Harmful skin irritation, serious eye irritation
Flammable gasses, flammable liquids, flammable solids, flammable aerosols, organic peroxides, self-reactive, pyrophoric, self-heating, contact with water emits flammable gas
Explosive, self reactive, organic peroxide
Harmful to the environment
oxidising gases, oxidising liquids, oxidising solids
Respiratory sensitiser, mutagen, carcinogen, reproductive toxicity, systemic target organ toxicity, aspiration hazard
Corrosive (causes severe skin burns and eye damage), serious eye damage