Paints, Coating, Dyes & Textile

Infinium Pharmachem manufactures a wide array of intermediates that are used as reactants, electroplates, mordants, oxidants and heat stabilizer in the Paints, Coating, Dyes and Textile industry for different applications such as decorative or protective coating. Iodine-based biocides are often used in paints as an in-can preservative as well as to prevent mould growth after application.

The main task of a coating is to provide surface protection (against corrosion, stone chipping, scratches, abrasion or chemical attack) and/ or decorative finishes (such as colour, glass, opacity). These coatings are used to reduce friction, resist temperature extremes and guard against microbial contamination.

We have met the challenge of producing several products for the Textile industry that assist in the anti-wetting and anti-microbial capabilities of garments.

We are continuously researching to cater better to the industry demand. Our range of products includes:

Sr. No.



1 Methyltriphenylphosphonium iodide 2065-66-9 Methyltriphenylphosphonium iodide is used as a reactant for synthesis of triphenylamine-based dyes
2 Sodium metaperiodate 7790-28-5 The selective oxidation powers of sodium metaperiodate make it the ideal reagent for the reclamation of silk screens in the printing industry. The non-image portions of a design are normally blocked with a cured emulsion of gelatine or polyvinyl alcohol that is chemically resistantt Sodium Metaporiadate selectively decomposes the cured emulsion so that it can be removed from the delicate and expensive silk screen, which can then be reused.
3 Chloroiodomethane 593-71-5 Chloroiodomethane is used as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals, organic synthesis, agrochemicals and dyestuff.

– It is also useful in cyclopropanation (Simmon-Smith reaction), Mannich reaction, aminomethylation and in epoxidation.
4 4-Iodoaniline 540-37-4 It is a iodine substituted aniline that is widely used as chemical intermediates in the manufacturing of dyes and drugs.
5 1,3 Diiodopropane 627-31-6 It can be used as intermediate in dyestuff field.
6 3-Iodobenzoic acid 618-51-9 It can be used as intermediate in dyestuff field.
7 Cadmium iodide 7790-80-9 It is used in electroplating in paints & coating industry.
8 Barium iodide dihydrate 7787-33-9 It is used in manufacturing of pigments
9 4-Iodo phenylacetic acid 1798-06-7 4-Iodophenylacetic acid, is used as an important raw material and intermediate used in organic dyestuff.
10 3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate (IPBC) 55406-53-6 It is present in many different areas including paints, coatings. It is used in wood protection and preservation.
11 Butyl iodide 542-69-8 It is used as an alkylating agent in organic synthesis in dyes industry.
12 Iodine, LUGOLs solution, 5% 7553-56-2 It is used as a mordant when performing a Gram stain.
13 Potassium iodate 7758-05-6 It is used in Oxidation of sulphur dyes in Textile industry
14 Copper (I) iodide 7681-65-4 It is used in production of nylon. The structural properties of CuI allow CuI to stabilize heat in nylon in commercial and residential carpet industries, automotive engine accessories, and other markets where durability and weight are a factor.