Looking to outsource products and services regarding Iodine Derivatives?… We can be your valuable partner.

We are offering contract research and manufacturing services in Iodine Derivatives for Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Nutraceutical, Specialty Chemicals & various other chemical Industries worldwide utilizing our rich experience in iodine chemistry. Our customized services include R & D to Commercial-scale manufacturing & packaging for our catalog products as well as other new iodine derivatives.

Our R&D team constantly strives towards cost reduction by adopting new methods, process simplification, standardization and technology up gradation for the benefit of the customers. The company has the capability and the flexibility to manage projects that range from grams to tons with system checks to ensure strict confidentiality.

As part of the Chemical Development service, the Company offers scale-up of existing processes, preparation of intermediates in milligrams to kilo lots, processes optimization, development and use of purification techniques and alternate process routes. Infinium offers its comprehensive services along with a promise of quality and consistency. These are made available at a speed and cost that are mutually beneficial.

Infinium promises the outsourcing partner benefits that are both commercial and qualitative. Some of the notable features of this arrangement are: Strict confidentiality and utmost secrecy is maintained through absolute adherence to the non-disclosure clause.

We also entertain Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for the development of confidential and rarely available Iodine compounds. We can develop and supply the same specifically strictly as per your requirement and final application.

Infinium always welcomes any specific customisation enquiry with respect to quality specification/s, packing, labelling, testing (MOA) & analysis &/OR shipment schedule. Our Technical Team will be happy to extend full technical support.

Tie-ups with Infinium Pharma give customers the competitive edge through faster product development and optimised costs. The Company can help reduce the transition time between drug discovery, development and entry into the market. The customer gains with reproducible, innovative solutions to iodine chemistry problems.

We welcomes you for discussions on partnership approaches based on the following merits:

  • Quality-driven processes
  • Ability to maximize cost efficiency
  • Reliability – timely deliveries and Effective communication
  • Solution-oriented approaches to problems
  • Proven ability to manage long-term supply contracts
  • Batch to batch consistency