Infinium Pharmachem manufactures numerous products for customers in the environmental science and weather modification industries. Applications include cloud seeding, detection of mercury in the air, determination of the density of minerals, environmental stability (storm prevention, meteorological support services, and environmental monitoring.)

The advanced materials for the Gemological industry include:

Sr. No.



1 Silver iodide 7783-96-2 Through heterogeneous nucleation, it is used in cloud seeding, relying on its beta-AgI crystal structure being similar to that of Ice.
2 Copper (I) iodide 7681-65-4
  1. CuI is used in cloud seeding,[11] altering the amount or type of precipitation of a cloud, or their structure by dispersing substances into the atmosphere which increase water’s ability to form droplets or crystals. CuI provides a sphere for moisture in the cloud to condense around, causing precipitation to increase and cloud density to decrease.
  2. Detection of mercury in air in the presence of chlorine and water vapor
3 Lead iodide 10101-63-0 It exhibits ferroelastic properties and has efficiency in stopping X-ray and gamma ray, which provides excellent environmental stability.
4 Methylene iodide, (Diiodomethane) 75-11-6 Because of its high specific gravity it is used to determine the density of minerals for the gemological industry.