Our products are widely used in the electrical industry for varied applications such as in the manufacturing of water activated batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells with iodine, luminescent materials, underwater lighting equipment and thermoelectric materials.

The range of products used in Electrical industries are:

Sr. No.



1 Copper (I) iodide 7681-65-4 Serves as a component of water activated batteries.
2 Potassium iodide 7681-11-0 It is a component in the electrolyte of dye senitized solar cells along with Iodine.
3 Calcium iodide hydrate 71626-98-7 It is serving as a matrix for luminescent materials.
4 Thalium iodide 7790-30-9 Thallium(I) iodide is added to mercury arc lamps to improve their performance[7] The light produced is mainly in the blue green part of the visible light spectrum least absorbed by water, so these have been used for underwater lighting.
5 Antimony iodide 7790-44-5 Antimony(III) iodide is used as a dopant in the preparation of thermoelectric materials.