Cosmetics, Sanitation, Personal Care & Industrial Care

We also manufacture intermediates for cosmetics & personal care & Sanitation industry.

Our product range of cosmetic applications serves both as base ingredients and functional additives. They enhance appearance and use for end-users in skin care, hair care, deodorants and antiperspirants.

For the personal care and Sanitation industry, we offer products for various functionalities such as antiseptics and fungicides which are used for industrial equipment, floor and toilet sanitation and to remove bacteria and viruses from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Our products that serve to this industry are:

Sr. No.




1 Potassium iodide 7681-11-0 It is a component in some hair treatment chemicals. It is also used as antimicrobial agents. infinium
2 Calcium iodate 7789-80-2 It is used in Manufacturing of Disinfectants and dedorants infinium
3 Sodium iodate 7681-55-2
  1. It is utilized in the manufacture of disinfectants, antiseptics and deodorants.
4 3-Iodo-2-Propynyl Butyl Carbamate (IPBC) 55406-53-6 It is also present in personal care products and cosmetics. infinium
5 Thymol iodide 552-22-7 A mixture of iodine derivatives of thymol, containing not less than 43% of iodine; mild antiseptic and fungicide. infinium
6 Hydroiodic acid 55% 10034-85-2 Disinfectant and sanitization formulations including teat dips mastitis control products infinium
7 Sodium metaperiodate 7790-28-5 It is also used in mfg of Toilet Cleaner. infinium
8 Sodium iodate 7681-55-2 It is utilized in the manufacture of disinfectants. infinium
9 Iodophor 39392-86-4 25 ppm iodophor is used to sanitize the surface of fruit and vegetables for bacteria and virus. It is also used to sanitize equipments in various industry infinium