Sodium iodide-USP, 99.0-101.5% | CAS# 7681-82-5

General Information :
Product Code IA0007
Product Name Sodium iodide-USP, 99.0-101.5%
Synonyms Sodium iodide, Sodium iodide (NaI), Sodium monoiodide, Sodiumiodide
CAS No. 7681-82-5
ECS No. 231-679-3
HSN Code 28276020
Chemical Formula NaI
Molecular Weight 149.894
Product Category API (Antithyroid)
Chemical Properties :
Appearance White or almost white, crystalline powder or colourless crystals, hygroscopic.
Assay Between 99.0-101.5%
Iodate No blue color develops
Potassium No precipitate produced
Thiosulfates and barium No turbidity develops within 1 minute.
Nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia No blue coloration of moistened red litmus paper
Heavy metals Not More Than 0.001%