Potassium iodate | CAS# 7758-05-6

General Information :
Product Code II0170
Product Name Potassium iodate
Synonyms POTASSIUM IODATE, Potassium triodate, Potassium iodine oxide
CAS No. 7758-05-6
ECS No. 231-831-9
HSN Code 28299030
Chemical Formula KIO3
Molecular Weight 214.00
Product Category Intermediate, Reagent, Animal Feed, Food, Oxidizing agent
Chemical Properties :
Appearance White crystalline free flowing powder
Solubility About 1 gm in 15 ml water at 25° C
Assay By Dry basis as KIO3 Min 99% w/w
pH of 5% solution at 30° C 6 to 8
Loss on drying at 105° C Max. 0.5% w/w