Methyl Iodide | CAS# 74-88-4


General Information :
Product Code II0194
Product Name Methyl Iodide
Synonyms IODOMETHANE, Methyl iodide, Monoiodomethane, Methane iodo-, Methyljodid
CAS No. 74-88-4
ECS No. 200-819-5
HSN Code 29039990
Chemical Formula CH3I
Molecular Weight 141.939
Product Category Intermediate, Reagent, Catalyst, Pesticide
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Clear colourless heavy liquid
Density (at 25 C) 2.260 to 2.28
Boiling Point 41° C to 42.61°C
Moisture Max. 0.10%
Assay By GC MIN. 99 %