Magnesium iodide octahydrate | CAS# 7790-31-0

General Information :
Product Code II0158
Product Name Magnesium iodide octahydrate
Synonyms Magnesium diiodide octahydrate, iodic acid magnesium salt Octahydrate
CAS No. 7790-31-0
HSN Code
Chemical Formula H16I2MgO8
Molecular Weight 422.2362
Product Category Intermediate
Chemical Properties :
Appearance White crystalline powder, loses color due to air and sun light.
Solubility Soluble in water, alcohol and ether
Melting Point Between 38°C to 41°C with decomposition
Moisture Between 30% to 40%

(By Argentometric titration)

Not Less Than 97 % (On dry basis)