Iodine-IP,99.5-100.5% | CAS# 7553-56-2

General Information :
Product Code IA0013
Product Name Iodine-IP,99.5-100.5%
Synonyms Iodine,Molecular iodine,Diiodine,Tincture iodine
CAS No. 7553-56-2
ECS No. 231-442-4
HSN Code 28012000
Chemical Formula I2
Molecular Weight 253.81
Product Category API (Anti-Infective Agents, Local)
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Greyish-violet, brittle plates or fine crystals with a metallic sheen, odour, irritant.
Solubility Soluble in chloroform and ethanol (95%); slightly

soluble in glycerin; very slightly soluble in water. Very

soluble in concentrated solutions of iodides.

Assay Between 99.5-100.5%
Bromides and chlorides Not More Than 250 ppm
Non-volatile matter Not More Than 0.1%