Iodinated povidone-BP, 9-12% | CAS# 25655-41-8

General Information :
Product Code IA0009
Product Name Iodinated povidone-BP, 9-12%
Synonyms PVP-I, Poly(vinylpyrrolidone)–Iodine complex, Povadyne® antiseptic
CAS No. 25655-41-8
ECS No. 215-034-3
HSN Code
Chemical Formula C6H9NO•I2
Molecular Weight 364.94
Product Category API
Chemical Properties :
Appearance A yellowish brown amorphous powder; odour, slight and characteristic of iodine
Loss on drying Not More Than 8.0%
Assay 9-12% available iodine
Heavy metals Not More Than 20 ppm
Nitrogen 9.5 to 11.5%
Iodide Not More Than 6.6%
Sulphated ash Not More Than 0.2%
Heavy metals Not More Than 10 ppm
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