(Dichloroiodo) benzene | CAS# 932-72-9

General Information :
Product Code II0003
Product Name (Dichloroiodo) benzene
Synonyms (DICHLOROIODO)-BENZENE; Phenyliodoso dichloride; Phenyl iodosochloride; (Dichloroiodo)benzene;
CAS No. 932-72-9
HSN Code
Chemical Formula C6H5Cl2I
Molecular Weight 274.91
Product Category Reagent, Oxidizer, chlorinating agent
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Yellow crystalline corrosive, moisture and air sensitive powder.
Melting point Between 112 °C to 120 °C
Moisture Not more than 1.00%
Assay (By Titration) Note less than 95%