Antimony iodide | CAS# 7790-44-5

General Information :
Product Code II0101
Product Name Antimony iodide
Synonyms Stibine, triiodo-; Antimony(III) iodide; ANTIMONY TRIIODIDE; Antimony iodide; Antimony iodide (SbI3)
CAS No. 7790-44-5
ECS No. 232-205-8
HSN Code 28276090
Chemical Formula I3Sb
Molecular Weight 502.46
Product Category Intermediate
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Required from sir– Powder, Ampouled under argon (Alfa site)
Solubility Soluble in benzene, alcohol, acetone, CS2, HCl, KI, SnCl4, C2H7N. Insoluble in CHCl3, and CCl4.Soluble in benzene, alcohol, acetone, carbondisulfide, hydrochloric acid, potassium iodide, tinterachloride, dimethylamine. Slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in chloroform and carbonterachloride.
Melting Point 168°
Boiling Point 420°
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