2,4,6-Triiodophenol | CAS# 609-23-4

General Information :
Product Code II0059
Product Name 2,4,6-Triiodophenol
Synonyms 2,4,6-TRIIODOPHENOL; Phenol, 2,4,6-triiodo-; 2,4,6-Trijodfenol; 2,4,6-Trijodfenol [Czech]; TRIIODOPHENOL
CAS No. 609-23-4
ECS No. 210-186-7
HSN Code
Chemical Formula C6H3I3O
Molecular Weight 471.8
Product Category Intermediate
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Off white to beige to brown powder.
Melting Point Between 156°C to 161°C
Moisture Not more than 0.50%
Assay (By HPLC) Not Less than 98 %