Iodine monochloride 40% solution in MDC | CAS# 7790-99-0

General Information :
Product Code II0138
Product Name Iodine monochloride 40% solution in MDC
Synonyms IODINE MONOCHLORIDE; Iodine chloride; Chloroiodide; Iodochlorine; Iodine chloride (ICl)
CAS No. 7790-99-0
ECS No. 232-236-7
HSN Code 28129000
Chemical Formula ICl
Molecular Weight 162.36
Product Category Reagent, Intermediate
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Dark reddish brown fuming liquid without insoluble particles
Density Between 1.7000 to 1.7200 gm/ml (at 25° C)
Assay as Iodine monochloride (By Titration) Between 39.00% to 41.00%
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