Ethyl iodide | CAS# 75-03-6

General Information :
Product Code II0120
Product Name Ethyl iodide
Synonyms Iodoethane, ETHYL IODIDE, Ethane, iodo-, Monoiodoethane, Hydriodic ether
CAS No. 75-03-6
ECS No. 200-833-1
HSN Code 29033930
Chemical Formula CH3CH2I
Molecular Weight 155.966
Product Category Intermediate, Reagent
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Clear Colourless heavy liquid
Density (at 25 °C) 1.90 To 1.95
Boiling Point 70ºc To 72ºc
Moisture Not more than 0.1%
Assay Not less than 98%