4-Iodobenzoic acid | CAS# 619-58-9

General Information :
Product Code II0086
Product Name 4-Iodobenzoic acid
Synonyms 4-IODOBENZOIC ACID, P-Iodobenzoic acid,Benzoic acid, 4-iodo-,Benzoic acid, p-iodo-, 4-Iodo-benzoic acid
CAS No. 619-58-9
ECS No. 210-603-2
HSN Code
Chemical Formula C7H5IO2
Molecular Weight 248.02
Product Category Intermediate, Anti-infective agent, Contraceptive Agent
Chemical Properties :
Appearance Off- white to light Brown Color powder.
Solubility Slightly Soluble in water & Soluble in alcohol & ether.
Melting Point Between 269° C to 273° C
Moisture Not More Than 0.5 %
Assay By Titration Not less than 98%
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