Specialty & Performance Chemicals

Our Specialty and Performance chemicals portfolio comprises of a wide range of products consisting of several analytical reagents, catalysts, ethylating agents, chelating agents, methylene-transfer reagents, precursors, reactants, alkylation agents, oxidizing agents which are used in the synthesis of new compounds for laboratory and Specialty and Fine Chemical research industries. Our products have a wide range of applications in chemical industries.

Our ISO 9001 certified production facilities guarantee quality and lot-to-lot consistency. Our offered products are technically developed specially to manoeuvre the reactions and processing of chemical industry while eradicating any harm to the environment and personnel.

We also support the research and development programs with multiple purities and particle sizes to assist in optimization of new raw materials.

Some of our chemicals also work as preservatives for paint products, as well as for personal care products and electrochemicals.

We supply our products to innumerable globally recognized chemical manufacturers, distributors, dealers and also to end users.

Products specially developed for chemical industries are :