Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Infinium Pharmachem has been the most trusted supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates to a large number renowned pharmaceutical/ biotech companies for more than a decade.

Our products are used as reagents, catalysts, emulsifiers, oxidizing agents, acetoxylating agents, sterilizers, antiseptic agents, solvents, alkylating agents and intermediates in the synthesis of various compounds.

Some of our products are also used as APIs in preparation of many drugs used in the treatment of amoebiasis, dysplasia, cancer, cycteine proteases, gastric acid secretion inhibitor, thyroid, fungal infections, Etc.

We have continuously developed and extended our product portfolio to suit our customers’ needs in this key industrial sector.

We offer the following highest quality Iodine Derivatives & APIs for the pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry.